From Makati Hostel to Terminal 1 and 2

From Your Hostel in Makati to
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 or Terminal 2

This is a Google Map snippet of the Poblacion area.


The numbers indicate the location of the hostels:

1 MNL Boutique Hostel
2 Lokal Hostel
3 The Jeepney House
4 Z Hostel
5 Makati Junction Hostel
6 Our Melting Pot
7 Hilik Hostel

Follow the instructions below using this map.

  • From your hostel, walk to B. Valdez Street and ride a jeepney (runs from 5am to 10 pm) with a signboard that says “Guadalupe Ibabaw” (the sun symbols on the map indicate where you should ride the jeepney).
  • Tell the jeepney driver to drop you off at “EDSA”.
  • Once at EDSA, walk to the the bus stop, which is the EDSA-Guadalupe bus stop.
  • At the bus stop, ride a public metro bus with a signboard that says “MIA” (Bus A or Bus C).
  • Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.
Bernardino Street Guadalupe
The drop-off point of the jeepney in EDSA-Guadalupe.
EDSA Guadalupe Bus Stop
If you walk a little further, you will see the EDSA-Guadalupe Bus Stop where you can ride either a “MIA” Bus A or Bus C.
MIA Signboard
Sample of the signboard you will see on the bus. MIA stands for “Manila International Airport”.

NOTE: The public metro bus runs from 5am until 10pm daily and will stop at both Terminal 1 and 2 bus stops.

Jeepney = 7 Pesos
Public Metro Bus = 23 Pesos
TOTAL = 30 Pesos

Other Options:
Taxi = 400 Pesos or more

Budget Commute Savings = 370 Pesos ($8 USD) or more