From Old Manila Hostel to Terminal 1 and 2

From Your Hostel in Old Manila (Malate – Sta. Cruz) to
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 or Terminal 2

The following are the nearest Manila Light Rail Transit System or LRT train stations to your hostel:

Pink Manila Hostel in Vito Cruz – LRT Line 1: Vito Cruz Station
Wanderers Guesthouse in Adriatico – LRT Line 1: Pedro Gil Station

Red Carabao Hostel in Sta. Cruz – LRT Line 1: Abad Santos Station

  • From your hostel, head to the nearest LRT Line 1 station (see above) and ride the train all the way to Edsa Station. The first three stations mentioned are walking distance from the respective hostels.
  • Once at Edsa Station, alight from the train, go up the nearest stairs and walk to Metropoint Mall (left side of the station).
  • Exit Metropoint Mall and you’ll be at the main road called EDSA.
  • Once at EDSA, walk to the bus stop (to your left from the exit), which is 200 meters away from Metropoint Mall.
  • At the bus stop, ride a public metro bus with a signboard that says “MIA” and tell the driver to drop you off at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. Buses usually run from 5am until 10pm.
This is EDSA. You’ll be walking from Metropoint Mall (that building behind the red billboard on the right side) to this loading and unloading zone to ride a public metro bus to the airport.
MIA Signboard
Sample signboard you’ll see on the bus. MIA stands for “Manila International Airport”.

LRT From Vito Cruz Station to Edsa Station = 15 Pesos
LRT From Pedro Gil Station to Edsa Station = 15 Pesos
LRT From Abad Santos Station to Edsa Station = 30 Pesos
Public Metro Bus = 12 Pesos
TOTAL = 27 – 42 Pesos

Other Options:
Taxi = 400 Pesos or more

Budget Commute Savings = 358 – 373 Pesos ($8 USD) or more