From Parañaque Hostel to Bus Stations in Buendia

From Your Hostel in Parañaque to
Provincial Bus Stations Buendia

Click HERE to know more about the provincial bus stations in Buendia

Coming from your hostel in Sucat:

  • If coming from Cozee Monkey Backpackers, head to the main road – which is Aquino Avenue – and ride a “Sucat / Baclaran / LRT” jeepney.
  • If coming from Islas 8817 Guesthouse, head to the main road – which is called “Sucat Road” or “Dr. A. Santos Avenue”, cross to the other side and ride the “Sucat / Baclaran / LRT” jeepney.

Make sure that the jeepney says “LRT” on the signboard.

  • Once inside the jeepney, tell the driver to drop you off at the “LRT”.
  • LRT stands for Manila Light Rail Transit System and you’ll be dropped off by the driver at the Baclaran station of the LRT.
  • From Baclaran station, ride the train and alight at Gil Puyat Station (instructions continued below).

Coming from your hostel in Merville:

  • Head to the Merville Access Road (landmark is Bingo Boutique) via tricycle (your hostel can help arrange this for you).
  • Once at Merville Access Road, you’ll find Bingo Boutique. Right in front of it, you will see the Pasay Rotonda jeepney terminal.
Bingo Boutique landmark
Merville sakayan
The Pasay Rotonda jeepney terminal across Bingo Boutique.
  • Ride the Pasay Rotonda jeepney from the terminal and tell the driver to drop you off in “Pasay Rotonda”.
Pasay Rotonda drop-off point.
  • Once at your drop-off point in Pasay Rotonda, walk to the Metropoint Mall (you see that red billboard on the upper right side of the photo? That’s where Metropoint Mall is.)
  • Inside that mall, you will find the walkway that leads to the LRT (Manila Light Rail Transit System) Edsa Station (click here to see photo of the walkway).
  • Once at Edsa Station, take the train to Gil Puyat Station.


  • For  Jac Liner and Green Star Express, exit the station from the left side and cross the main intersection known as Taft Avenue.
  • You will see these stations just across the intersection.
Jac Liner Buendia
That red building is Jac Liner.
  • For Jam Liner, exit the station on the right side.
  • Jam Liner is just beside the exit stairs of the station.

Jeepney from Cozee Monkey Backpackers = 7 Pesos
Jeepney from Islas 8817 Guesthouse
 = 12 Pesos
Jeepney from Merville = 10 Pesos
LRT = 15 Pesos
TOTAL = 22 – 27 Pesos

Other Options:
Taxi = 300 Pesos or more

Budget Commute Savings = 273 – 278 Pesos ($6 USD) or more