From NAIA Terminal 1 to Hostels in Old Manila

Before you proceed, please make sure to read the following:

The hostels in Old Manila or simply “Manila” are located in three areas:

  • Vito Cruz (for Pink Manila Hostel)
  • Adriatico (for Wanderers Guesthouse)
  • Sta. Cruz (for Red Carabao Manila Hostel)

These hostels can be reached easily via the Manila Light Rail Transit System (LRT) Line 1. The nearest LRT stations to these hostels are:

  • LRT Line 1: Vito Cruz Station for Pink Manila Hostel
  • LRT Line 1: Pedro Gil Station for Wanderers Guesthouse
  • LRT Line 1: Abad Santos Station for Red Carabao Manila Hostel

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So how do you go to these LRT stations from Terminal 1?

  • Once outside the arrival area of Terminal 1, exit to the right and follow the sidewalk until you see a BUS STOP sign (adjacent to the parking lot) near the police station.

Terminal 1 Sign

  • From the bus stop, ride a public metro bus with a signboard that says “Edsa MRT” or “Fairview”.
  • Tell the bus conductor to drop you off in “Pasay Rotonda”.

Pasay Rotonda is an area that intersects the main road known as EDSA and Taft Avenue. It is also the location of the LRT Edsa Station.

  • From your drop-off point in Pasay Rotonda, cross to the other side using the nearest footbridge.
Pasay Rotonda 4
The arrow shows the drop-off area in Pasay Rotonda. The footbridge stairs is on the left side of this photo. Take this footbridge to cross to the other side to reach the LRT Edsa Station.
Extension of the footbridge heading towards the LRT Edsa station from Pasay Rotonda.
  • Follow the footbridge until you reach the LRT Edsa station, which is right beside Metropoint Mall.

Once at the LRT Edsa station, ride the train and alight at the following stations:

For Pink Manila Hostel

  • Alight at Vito Cruz station and walk to Ocampo Street (starting poing landmark is Jollibee restaurant).
  • From Ocampo, walk about 450 meters until you reach Bautista Street.
  • Once at Bautista, make a left and walk until you reach Don Pedro Street (100 meters).
  • The hostel is just right at the corner of the streets of Don Pedro and Bautista.

For Wanderers Guesthouse

  • Alight at Pedro Gil station.
  • From the station, walk six blocks down or 500 meters along Pedro Gil Street (starting point landmark is the Petron gas station on the left side), passing streets such as Ma. Orosa, Bocobo, and the Robinsons Place Mall.
  • Once you reach Adriatico Street, turn left.
  • Walk another 350 meters until you reach Nakpil Street where you will see the hostel near the corner of Nakpil and Adriatico.

For Red Carabao Manila Hostel

  • Alight at Abad Santos station.
  • Below the station of Abad Santos, you will see parked tricycles (24 hours daily).
  • Ride one of the tricycles and tell the driver to drop you off at Red Carabao Manila Hostel (20 Pesos).

Public Metro Bus = 12 Pesos
LRT 1 to Vito Cruz Station / Pedro Gil Station = 15 Pesos
LRT 1 to Abad Santos Station = 30 Pesos
Tricycle = 20 Pesos
TOTAL = 27 – 62 Pesos

Other Options:
Taxi = 500 Pesos or more

Budget Commute Savings = 438 – 473  Pesos ($10 USD) or more