From NAIA Terminal 2 to Hostels in Makati

Before you proceed, please make sure to read the following:

All the hostels in Makati are in the Poblacion area.

Here’s a Google Map snippet of the Poblacion district. The numbers on the map show where the hostels are located.


1 MNL Boutique Hostel
2 Lokal Hostel
3 The Jeepney House
4 Z Hostel
5 Makati Junction Hostel
6 Our Melting Pot
7 Hilik Hostel

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To reach Poblacion, you have to ride a jeepney from Guadalupe (also an area in Makati). This jeepney will stop in various areas along Makati Avenue (sun symbols are marked on the map to show these stops). Based on the above map, you can easily walk to your hostel from the jeepney stops.

The question is, how do you go to Guadalupe from Terminal 2? Follow these instructions:

  • Once outside the arrival area of Terminal 2, exit to the left and follow the sidewalk until you see a fork in the road on the left side.
The fork in the road. Photo by Nukie Timtiman.
  • Across this fork, you will see a pedestrian lane / bus stop.
  • From the bus stop, ride a public metro bus with a signboard that says “Edsa MRT” or “Fairview” (Bus A or Bus C).
  • Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at “Guadalupe”.
  • From your drop-off point in Guadalupe, you will see the Guadalupe footbridge (the only footbridge in the area).
  • Cross the Guadalupe footbridge and exit on the right. You will then see The Loyola Memorial Chapels & Crematorium.
  • Beside Loyola Memorial is Bernardino Street.
  • Go to that street and you will find jeepneys with the word “Ayala” on the signboard.
  • Ride this jeepney (5am–10 pm only) and tell the driver to drop you off either at “Valdez”, “General Luna”, “Kalayaan”, or “P. Burgos”, depending on its distance from your hostel (see above map; but do take note that you can walk to your hostel from any of these stops).
Loyola Memorial Chapels & Crematorium drop off
The arrow shows the location of Bernardino Street, which is right beside Loyola Memorial (that small building on the left where buses stop). You will see this view while crossing the footbridge.
Guadalupe Sogo Footbridge
Guadalupe Footbridge view from Loyola Memorial Chapel.
Bernardino Street – where you’ll find the Ayala jeepneys.

Public Metro Bus =
23 Pesos
Jeepney = 7 Pesos
TOTAL = 30 Pesos

Other Options:
Taxi = 500 Pesos or more

Budget Commute Savings = 470  Pesos ($10 USD) or more