From NAIA Terminal 3 to Hostels in Edsa – BGC

Before you proceed, please make sure to read the following:

EDSA – BGC is what we call the area between the main road called EDSA and the Bonifacio Global Center (BGC). Here’s how it looks in Google Maps:


Pan-Philippine Hwy is EDSA while the BGC area is on the right side (not visible in the photo but to go there, you have to walk along Kalayaan Avenue). The numbers on the map show the location of the hostels.

1 BGC Hostel (which is along Danlig Street)
2 Our Awesome Hostel (which is along Kalayaan Avenue)

Click HERE to know more about hostels in EDSA – BGC

To get to these hostels, you have to ride a public metro bus. The bus stops in the areas marked by the red sun symbol on the map, so it’s easy to walk to your hostel from there.

How to ride this public metro bus from Terminal 3? Here’s how:

Option 1

  • Once outside the arrival area of Terminal 3, walk to your right until you reach the end where you will see a sign that says “HM Shuttle Bus going to Baclaran, Edsa Pasay Taft”.

Terminal 3 sign

  • Take this airport shuttle bus (no exact time of departure) and inform the driver to drop you off at “Pasay Rotonda.”

Option 2 (if you’re rushing)

  • Once you exit Terminal 3, walk to your left.
  • Follow the sidewalk until you reach the main road (landmark is a police outpost).
  • From the outpost, cross the road and you will see a 711 store.
  • In front of 711, you will see jeepneys with a “Nichols” signboard.
  • Take this jeepney (leaves when it reaches its passenger capacity / 24 hours a day) and tell the driver to drop you off at “Pasay Rotonda.”
Photo showing passengers heading to the main road after exiting Terminal 3 to ride the jeepney. Photo by Nukie Timtiman.

Pasay Rotonda is an area that intersects the main road known as EDSA and Taft Avenue.

Once at Pasay Rotonda:

  • Ride a public metro bus with a signboard that says “Crossing” or “Fairview” (Bus B).
For those taking the airport bus, this is the area outside the drop-off station where you can ride the public metro bus.
Pasay Rotonda 4
For those taking the jeepney, this is the drop-off area where you can ride the public metro bus.
  • Tell the bus conductor to drop you off “Estrella” (pronounced as Es-trel-ya).
  • Take note that Estrella is a name of a street, which is not visible on the above map, but its usual drop-off points are those marked by the red sun symbol on the map –  landmarks are Caltex and Mercury Drug.
  • From the drop-off points, you can walk to your hostel.

Airport Shuttle Bus =
20 Pesos
Jeepney  = 7 Pesos
Public Metro Bus = 12 Pesos
TOTAL = 19 – 32 Pesos

Other Options:
Taxi = 500 Pesos or more

Budget Commute Savings = 468 – 481  Pesos ($10 USD) or more