Who’s Behind Budget Commute?

rica yulo, budget commute
Discovering Mandalay, Burma in 2012 with a local

Hi! My name is Rica and I’m a backpacker / solo traveler. My parents were responsible for my traveling shoes, but it was in 2009 when I discovered the beauty of exploring the world and meeting people from all walks of life. I backpacked Southeast Asia and eventually learned to travel on my own and on a budget to different countries.

In 2013, my book entitled, “The 3rd World Traveler: A Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams on a Shoestring Budget”, was published in the Philippines. I wrote it to teach low-income Filipinos how to save money despite the low salary (you may know more about it here).

I’ve written travel articles for local and international publications including Travel Plus Magazine and Singapore’s TripZilla Magazine. I was also interviewed by CNN Philippines and other local networks for budget travel.

Bragging rights: In 2012, I traveled to Singapore for 3 days without bringing a single bag (I stuffed all my belongings inside my vest and pockets). Huzzah!

Budget Commute is my new “3rd World Traveler” project and I created it for the sole reason that I want backpackers to travel in and around Metro Manila on the cheap. And I know Metro Manila very well. Even if I’m not originally from here (born and raised in Bacolod City – in the Visayas region of the Philippines), I’ve lived here since 1998. I know my way around and I love exploring this city despite its horrendous traffic.

And discovering a city using public transportation is always fun! You get to meet people, discover new places, and experience what it’s really like to be one with the locals.

So, I hope you’ll have fun using this website while traveling Metro Manila. Don’t forget to email me for comments, concerns, and inquiries.

And do check out my travel blog!


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