How To Use Budget Commute

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Before you proceed, make sure to read the following:

This page will show you the map of the city, the different areas, and the key landmarks to give you a clearer picture of the Metro.

This page will introduce the different types of public transportation that run the streets of Metro Manila. It will also tell you how to read the signs on a public vehicle.

This page contains instructions on how to use Metro Manila’s public transportation, how to hail a jeepney or a bus, and a few things to remember to help you deal with the Metro’s transportation system.

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Ready to navigate the website? Click on the AIRPORTS dropdown on the front page and you will see links to the four terminals of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). After clicking one of the links, you should see the airline information specific to the terminal and directions from the said airport to areas in Metro Manila where backpackers hostels are located.

Right beside the Airport dropdown is the HOSTEL LOCATION dropdown, which gives directions from the specific area of the hostel to the airport.

On commuting

There are a number of affordable alternatives when it comes to commuting in and around Metro Manila. So when reading every page, take note that I will just present what I think is the fastest way to commute without breaking your wallet. You can always take a taxi if you want, but the information on this website is just to let you know that you do have options, and these options are cheaper.

Reading instructions

Please read everything that’s written on a particular page, and don’t just focus on your desired destination or your hostel. The introductory paragraph serves to tell you about the route you should take, so it is very important to read it before proceeding with the instructions particular to your destination.


I try to be as accurate as I can when it comes to the jeepney and bus prices. I just base what I’ve written on experience. If there are any changes, I will try to update this website as soon as possible. But do know that if there are changes to transportation prices, they won’t be as drastic as a 50 Peso increase; it would usually be a .50 centavos or a 1 Peso increase.

I’m currently using $1USD = 51 Pesos as the exchange rate.

Budget Commute logo in text body

If you see the following logo with the words”BUDGET TIP” in the middle of a text body, it means that a very cheap transportation option is available to reach your destination.