Why I Created Budget Commute

“I paid 3000 pesos from the airport to this hostel!”

This line is something I would often hear when I was still working in a backpacker’s hostel. Airport taxi drivers would charge travelers 3000 Pesos from the airport to our hostel – an absurd price for a ride that should normally cost 300 Pesos.

In our email to our guests prior to their arrival, we would provide instructions on how to deal with taxi drivers. But haggling remains a problem because of the unpredictable traffic.

As a backpacker myself, I can say that I’ve been mercilessly ripped off at most airports, especially here in Southeast Asia. And I would always hear this line from airport personnel: “Ride the taxi, there’s no other way.”

But there is another way. Otherwise, how would airport employees go home? Do you think they’d really spend a huge amount of money for a taxi ride every single day?

So earlier this year, I decided to put an end to this problem. I created this website, BUDGET COMMUTE, to show backpackers the cheapest way to travel in and around Metro Manila.

In this website, I hope to promote Metro Manila in a positive way to arriving tourists. For now, I’ll be focusing on providing you the cheapest transportation options from the airport to your hostel and vice versa. I will also develop this site as necessary.

Happy and safe travels.


If you have any questions, please email me at budgetcommute@gmail.com

The Budget Commute (Metro Manila) Team

Rica – Foundress, Researcher, Writer
Patch Quinto – Logo Design, Social Media Graphics, Photography
Nukie Timtiman – Photography

Some of the body photos are mine unless indicated. Planning to use any of the photos? I would appreciate it if you send me an email. Thank you.


Why should I read Budget Commute? Because it will show you cheap transportation options to get to your hostel or guesthouse in Metro Manila.

Are the instructions on this website the only way to reach my destination? Treat it as a GUIDE or an OPTION. If you don’t want to spend 400 Pesos for a taxi ride or 150 Pesos for an airport bus that doesn’t operate with a fixed schedule, then at least you have this option.

Is commuting in Metro Manila safe? Commuting in Metro Manila is like commuting in New Delhi, Tokyo, Madrid, or New York. So treat it like any other city and apply the same precautions. You may also read our Safety Page to know more.

Will I really save money when I follow the commuting options offered by Budget Commute? Definitely. If you click on the instruction pages, you will see the price difference.

I’m not a backpacker, can I still use the commuting options offered by Budget Commute? Only if you want to. Backpackers use backpacks when they travel, which is why the website focuses on them because public transportation options here in Metro Manila, such as the jeepney and the public metro bus, are favorable to those carrying backpacks instead of huge suitcases. And if you’re carrying 5 suitcases with you, I don’t think there’s enough space for you inside a jeepney.

Why are you only showing instructions from the airport to a hostel? Why not from the airport to a hotel? This website was created for those traveling on the cheap – backpackers who’d usually stay in hostels. For now, this is the website’s focus.

How sure are you about these transportation routes? Aside from being a commuter, there are thousands of Filipinos who use the same routes daily. And these routes will not change, otherwise, how would the locals (especially those who can’t afford to ride a taxi) reach their destination? But if there are changes, I will update this website accordingly.

Are there photos to show some of the areas that are a bit vague from a tourist’s point of view? Yes, photos are shown.

Are you working for any organization? Why are you doing this? This is a personal website – a hobby, in other words. I’m not under any transportation organization, whatsoever. I’m doing this because I just want to help travelers / backpackers.


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If you want to ask questions, please send me an email