Bus Stations in Pasay – EDSA


Victory Liner

  • If you’re going to Subic (via Iba, Zambales) and Baguio
  • Routes / Destination: Iba, Zambales and Baguio
  • Schedule / Fare:
    -Iba: 530am, 830am, 10am, 1pm, 230pm, 530pm, 1130pm / 357 – 384 Pesos
    (Regular AC):
    1220am, 1am, 2am, 3am, 420am, 520am, 620am, 720am, 8am, 840am, 940am, 1040am, 1140am, 1220pm, 1pm, 140pm, 240pm, 340pm, 440pm, 540pm, 620pm, 7pm, 740pm, 830pm, 930pm, 1015pm, 11pm, 1145pm / 455 Pesos
    (First Class): 115am, 615am, 1115am, 115pm, 815pm, 1145pm / 750 Pesos
  • Website: https://www.victoryliner.com


  • If you’re going to the Bicol Region
  • Route / Destination: Naga, Legazpi and Donsol
  • Schedule / Fare:
    -Naga: 730am, 830pm, 915pm / 627 Pesos
    -Legazpi: 7am, 10am, 745pm, 845pm / 795.30 Pesos
    -Donsol: 5pm / 859.65 Pesos
  • Website: http://philtranco.net/


Joy Bus

  • If you’re going to Baguio
  • Routes / Destination: Baguio
  • Schedule: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 930pm, 130am, 3am

BSC and San Agustin

  • If you’re going to Tagaytay
  • Routes / Destination: Tagaytay
  • Schedule: 230am – 12 midnight (leaves every hour)
  • Fare: 155 Pesos



  • If you’re going to the Ilocos Region
  • Route / Destination: Vigan and Laoag
  • Schedule:
    -Laoag: 7pm, 830pm, 10pm / 765 Pesos
    (Express): 6pm, 7pm, 830pm, 10pm, 11pm / 641 Pesos
    (First Class – Express): 6pm, 11pm / 641 Pesos
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/partastrans

*Schedules and prices are subject to change without prior notice
*I’ve listed these bus stations for information purposes only. Please email me for any inconsistencies and other inquiries.